Fudge taking a leap into the unknown

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May 22, 2017
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Fudge taking a leap into the unknown

Flying…falling with style and taking a leap into the unknown

There were so many titles I could have given to this chapter… falling…dropping and even skydiving but right now, all I can think about is that I am just so grateful that my human companions own a spa!

I’ve always enjoyed welcoming guests and showing them around our establishment, but I never envisaged that I might personally need the ministrations of the thermal suite or the gentle healing hands of one of Silver Forest’s therapists…but it happened…

As you may remember, we arrived in South Africa when I was just one year of age – a very impressionable time in my life – soaking up everything around me (and swearing never to set a paw upon an aeroplane again unless it was first class of course). Arriving in Cape Town, we made our way to Somerset West where ever since, we have had the pleasure of being surrounded by the beauty of the Cape winelands and the warmth of the people who live here.

People are very friendly here indeed. Take the other evening when Penny and Keith were invited to dinner with their friends – also living along Silverboom Kloof Road – who extended said request to myself. Skipping up the several flights of stairs to the front door, I was struck by the incredible view from the top, through the glass balustrade – so much so I inadvertently wandered past it. Hmm, three storeys later, my body found the only patch of soft mud below. This was my planned pre-flight flying trial – I swear – but to quote my favourite actor, Buzz Lightyear, it was more like “falling with style”.

They say one’s life passes in front of your eyes as death rushes to meet you. Well, since all I could think of at the time was that I was probably going to miss dinner, and I am actually still talking to you and clearly not passed on, I can’t actually comment.

I do however believe the breath may have possibly stopped for my human companions and their friends as they watched me – gracefully I might add – plummet about 50 feet (15 metres), missing every single concrete ledge on the way down into the dark. I freely admit it could have worked out so so so..differently, and other four-legged furry friends and all you other folk, please do not attempt to try this at home.

Also taking that leap of faith – ok not over the edge – Penny and Keith took a blank canvas and invested love, style and professional expertise into creating the five-star Silver Forest Boutique Lodge and Spa…which incidentally, is where I can be found, not necessarily licking my wounds (fortunately and miraculously none), but making certain that our luxury lodge and day spa is thoroughly appreciated by those who know…

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