VON Magazine December 2018
December 5, 2018
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Getting ready for the biggest social events of the Cape Town calendar, The Citron Pink Polo. I was so fortunate enough to call Silver Forest Lodge and spa my home for the evening. Might I just already say that whenever I walk into a place and I am welcomed by either a Afrikaans person or a person with an English accent, I am already happy. Meeting owner and manager of Silver Forrest Lodge & Spa, Penny, put me in my element when she said hello in the most beautiful English accent I’ve heard in a while.

Welcomed into reception, I was given a rosemary flower to press between my hands and inhale the aromas of the flower as a way of releasing stress and to start of what looked to be one very relaxed stay. After I cleaned my hands with the complimentary towel, I got another one of my favorite guilty pleasures, a glass of bubbles. Remember that title? I’m going to get to that right now. After the hello from Penny that put me in a state of happiness, the rosemary cleans, the champagne and the amazing welcome from Penny’s extremely professional and friendly team, I met the main peanut of the packet, Fudge. A 13-year-old Fox terrier. By now, I’m over the moon as this guy came to sit on my lap.

The full review by JP Robberts can be found here.

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