A dog with a blog

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May 1, 2017
Fudge taking a leap into the unknown
May 26, 2017
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A dog with a blog

Let it be known that while I may have four legs, a long snout and a wagging tail, I am not a dog.  I am in fact a Jack Russell, and as anyone worth his or her salt knows, we are human beings disguised as furry individuals.

Before we go any further and just in case you were wondering, my name is Fudge and this is my blog.

Why, you ask, would a self-respecting Jack Russell consider writing an account of his life?  Who will read it?  Is there anything worth saying that my human readers don’t already believe they have the answers to or that my canine cronies would enjoy?


Well the simple truth, is that ‘blogging’ is rather cathartic.  After a long, but thoroughly enjoyable (well usually), day of welcoming guests to Silver Forest Boutique Lodge and Spa, I find blogging my thoughts to be a peaceful way in which to unwind and reflect.  It’s also a fabulous tool to record what goes on around me here in the natural beauty of the Helderberg.

While you, dear reader, may be sipping on a glass of perfectly chilled bubbles, sitting under the ancient oak that stands sentry over the rolling lawns of Silver Forest, or be weightlessly floating in the embracing waters of the thermal suite, or even flat on your back receiving the attentive ministrations of one of the spas many therapists, I rather like having my ears scratched, and my tummy tickled, while listening in on a conversation or two.  And when that’s too much for me, I’ll head over to the pool and catch a quick wave on my own personalised boogie board…

Some Fast Facts:

So how did I end up being the ‘pooch in residence’ at a top lodge and day spa?

I am a medium-legged wiry Jack Russell terrier, born in England on 31st October 2007 – Halloween for some. Please diarise, as I am sure I will be throwing a bash around this time. My favourite food is anything but dog food – please also make a note of this, as it is an important consideration for how well we will get along.

Having weathered the UK for a few months, I was only too pleased to accompany my human companions on a trip to Cape Town, landing 28th September 2008, just before my first birthday.

Penny and Keith Rodenhurst, to whom I am indebted for rescuing me from a life of mediocrity, having sold their hospitality establishments in North Wales and Penny reaping top businesswoman awards, needed a new challenge.

While first attempts to re-establish ourselves in South Africa were not exactly easy (more on this in later epistles), we have nevertheless finally found home – Silver Forest.  What it is today, was not we found, but it had potential.  In the lee of the Helderberg Mountain, with glorious views over the basin, whispering trees and sweeping lawns, with a bustling bird life (my favourite is watching the Sunbirds flutter while I’m sunning myself in the pool), the place needed lots of love and attention, but I knew then, that we had discovered something very special.

And here we are…

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