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July 3, 2017
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July 4, 2017
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Just the Treat

I’m hard pressed where to start this month, as it’s been a busy time at the lodge and the spa. Winter has now arrived in all its splendour and as much as I enjoy the opportunity to jump on my boogie board and take a lap of honour around our pool, I am also appreciating the chance to stretch my legs out in front of one of the numerous log-burning fires spreading their warmth around Silver Forest right now.

I was a bit hesitant to mention the fires in this post, especially as I am reminded that not everyone has quite the same appreciation right now – I’m thinking of the devastating Knysna fires that saw many people become homeless and many more of my animal compatriots stranded, abandoned, harmed and even killed. It’s what sometimes keeps me awake at night, that, and the electric storms that have been lighting up the valley. While I really do appreciate the rain – we need it after all – I’m not a big fan of the accompanying thunder and bolts of electricity that punctuate the skies around me. I’m not alone in this, but at least I have the security of knowing I am loved and cared for at home here in my little nook of paradise.

Of course, while it is now raining in Cape Town, Penny and Keith have asked me to remind everyone that Level 4B water restrictions are still in place, so please everyone, continue to do your bit to save water. I am just so grateful that we have access to the crystal clear mountain spring water through our borehole on the property that also feeds the thermal suite – I’ve heard it’s a winner. That being said though, we are mindful of the fact that we do need to watch every drop we use.

Talking of caring for the environment and others, there are some definite pluses to being a blogging dog. I was visited and interviewed this month, by a lovely lady journalist, who even brought me some yummy ‘healthy’ treats. I would of course love it, if more of you were so inclined to want to come and chat to me about my life as a spa dog – but please do remember my waistline and at the risk of sounding demanding (I’m genuinely not), no carbs please, I’m watching my figure.

Other exciting things this month, included being allowed to try out the luxury manicure chairs for myself. I was sorely tempted to have my own nails done, but Penny and Keith thought this was taking it a bit too far….I never really understood the importance of those chairs before, but having experienced the deep relaxing comfort for myself, I can highly recommend the experience.

What else is cooking at Silver Forest – Oh yes, how could I possibly forget! We also have the pleasure of a new chef, who cooks the best spaghetti bolognaise…like ever! Don’t tell anyone, as I’m not meant to eat that but I did get some lucky leftovers and its truly fresh authentic and delicious!….. So glad the food at Silver Forest is geared towards home cooking rather than fine dining.

One important thing I do need to mention is that we are going to close the Lodge and the Spa for a couple of weeks this month (we’ll open again on 21st July). While I will most certainly miss seeing you all, we need to take down the old oak tree – it’s become a bit of a hazard. I know it’s sad, and the squirrels will need to relocate, but it is for their safety and our guests that Penny and Keith have made the tough decision to remove it. It also means that we can make some exciting additions to Silver Forest ….

When we reopen the cottages in September they would have had a fab update with more amazing wood fired hot tubs in private courtyards, along with the launch of our new braai pizza area ready for some relaxed outdoor dining when the Summer arrives.

All in all it’s a very exciting and busy time up here…which is really good, as I do love to be kept entertained – it’s important for my development you see – but I am going to miss Penny though, as she will be madly rehearsing for her upcoming role in the stage adaptation of The Calendar Girls, which will be showing at The Playhouse Theatre… I’m not permitted to watch, not sure why, but Mum says it is very funny and well worth seeing, so I guess you had all better buy your tickets.

Lastly, while we may be closed for a while, you can still go to our website and purchase a whole variety of these really cool online vouchers and share them with people you like and want to treat. “Treats? Did someone say treats?….Coming…”.

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