Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions you may have:

1Can I go alone?
Absolutely, several of our clients use their time at the spa to get away from everyone else and to spend time focusing on their own personal needs.
2Are children allowed in the Spa?
No children under the age of 14 are allowed at Silver Forest Spa
3Is there a dress code?
We suggest that you dress comfortably. Keep in mind that you have to leave in the attire that you arrived in, so make sure your dress code will suit the relaxed mood you will be in after your treatments.
4Does the Spa cater for men?
The Spa has specially formulated express treatments and packages that cater specifically for men and we encourage Men to enjoy our facilities.
5How do I know what treatments will best suit my needs?
Contact the spa directly and the therapists will be more than happy to accommodate your individual needs and recommend what treatments will suit you best.